Looking to the future of Kyushu’s design industry, we will renew the recognition of the values that have been cultivated through social relationships with local communities. Fukuoka Design Action FUDA is a general incorporated association that aims to establish a design environment that is competitive both domestically and internationally. We are promoting various activities such as disseminating design information that provides a deeper understanding of the current situation in the Kyushu region.FUDA’s theme is “Design is a cultural asset of society.” The purpose of its establishment is to incorporate design into the fields of sociology, industry, and culture.It’s about researching and disseminating information from a different perspective. Through these ideals, we will develop Kyushu’s regions and industries and improve social life in the future.Through these philosophies, we carry out activities that will cont- ribute to the future development of Kyushu’s regions and industry, as well as the improvement of social life.
展望九州設計產業的未來,我們將重新認識透過與當地社區的社會關係所培養的價値。福岡設計行動FUDA是個綜合性 社團法人,目標是建立一個在國內外具有競爭力的設計環境。我們正在推動各種活動,例如傳播設計訊息,以更深入地了 解九州地區的現狀。FUDA 的主題是“設計是社會的文化資產。” 其成立的目的是將設計融入社會學、工業、文化領域。 這是從不同的角度研究和傳播訊息。 透過這些理想,我們將在未來發展九州地區和產業,改善社會生活。 我們所進行的活動有助於

一般社団法人 福岡デザインアクション


デザイン主導型アンテナショップ 【九州ヴォイス】 福岡県太宰府市 宰府3-4-45(小鳥居小路) Tel 092-403-0430 Fax 092-403-0341
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